Build a regular passive income with medical cannabis - 50% profit in 3 months - start with only 50 €

Juicy Fields is a platform that connects private investors with medical cannabis companies looking for funding. The platform offers anyone over the age of 21 the opportunity to make money and build passive income by providing capital for cannabis plants to be processed for medicinal purposes . In other words, you are investing money in cannabis and it is completely legal as it is resold for medicinal purposes.
The profit margin is around 50% profit per harvest, which occurs up to 4 times a year depending on the plant species. In this way, you can triple your investment annually, which is likely to outperform almost any other form of investment.

Such high returns immediately deter many because they suspect fraud behind them. In fact, the costs for cannabis plants and their cultivation are comparatively low and the sales revenue is many times higher. This explains the enormous profit margin. The risk is also very manageable, since you can start with an investment of just 50 euros and therefore have to „risk“ significantly less money than with other investments or comparable platforms like MyFirstPlant or CannerGrow.

The German company behind it was founded in 2017 and has set itself the goal of creating a global brand for the production of medicinal cannabis products (vapes and oils). The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world with little participation by private individuals. Juicy Fields wants to change that and make medical cannabis accessible to everyone around the world.
The company helps users grow legal medical cannabis without having to apply for expensive cannabis licenses or spend huge sums of money.

Important note: This article is not an investment recommendation or advice, but merely reflects our personal experience and opinion.
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This is how investing in cannabis works at Juicy Fields Crowdgrowing

After you create an account with Juicy Fields and fill in all the information, you choose a plant type suitable for you and order any number of them. After you have paid for the order, it may take a few days for JuicyFields to confirm payment. Then the cycle of your plant begins.

Depending on the variety, it takes a different amount of time before the plant can be harvested. However, the growth phase lasts at least 90 days. In any case, the subsequent harvesting process then takes 18 days. In total, a plant needs at least 108 days. After that, you can sell your harvest and either reinvest or cash out.

Incidentally, by crowdgrowing, Juicy Fields means that you invest as a crowd = amount of investors in the growing = the growth process of cannabis plants.

These plants are offered by Juicy Fields

Juicy Fields currently offers 4 different plant varieties, which differ in terms of harvests per year, plant lifespan, harvest volume, sales price per gram, profitability and purchase price.
Plant renewal: No
Harvest volume: 45g to 55g (varies with each plant)
Selling price: €1.50 per g
Income per harvest: 68€ to 83€ (depending on the harvest volume achieved)
Purchase price: 50€
Renewal of the plant: for 3 years
Harvest volume: 150g to 200g (varies with each plant)
Selling price: €2.00 per g
Income per harvest: 300€ to 400€ (depending on the harvest volume achieved)
Purchase price: 2000€
Renewal of the plant: for 4 years
Harvest volume: 200g to 300g (varies with each plant)
Selling price: €2.50 per g
Income per harvest: 500€ to 750€ (depending on the harvest volume achieved)
Purchase price: 2000€
Renewal of the plant: for 5 years
Harvest volume: 300g to 400g (varies with each plant)
Selling price: €3.00 per g
Income per harvest: 900€ to 1200€ (depending on the harvest volume achieved)
Purchase price: 2000€
The JuicyFlash is particularly interesting for beginners due to the low purchase price.
In addition, you only commit yourself for about 3.5 months and can then decide again how to proceed with your investment.
You bond with the other plants for longer, so you don’t have to buy the plants again after the first harvest. The longer the commitment, the greater the profitability. The JuicyHaze is no better than the other two, because they allow more harvests per year, but not over as many years. You should therefore weigh up for yourself which investment strategy suits you best.
juicyfields buy plants 1
juicyfields buy plants 2
Get 50% profit now
juicyfields plants

Buy plants

You can buy a plant in the clone shop or directly from the start page (greenhouse). All the plants offered are displayed on the start page, as well as further information such as renewal of the plant, harvest volume, harvests per year and the selling price. At the bottom left of each plant you will find a button „Buy a plant“.
This takes you to the clone shop.

When you have chosen the number of each plant variety you would like to buy, you can confirm the order by clicking the „Buy“ button on the right. The „Top up from credit“ checkbox is checked by default if the credit is not sufficient for the purchase.The order cannot be placed without topping up the credit if there is a lack of capital. After confirming the order, you have the option of transferring the purchase amount or paying with cryptocurrency. If you do not want to complete the order, you can also empty the shopping cart at any time using the „empty shopping cart“ button on the right-hand side.

Deposit at Juicy Fields - it's that easy to deposit

Funds on the Juicy Fields account can be used to order plants at any time. If there is no credit yet or the credit is not sufficient for an order, you must transfer the outstanding amount to Juicy Fields via SEPA or transfer it as a cryptocurrency. You can choose between Bitcoin or Ethereum. Juicy Field’s bank details are overseas. However, one should not be put off by this.

The transfer is usually processed very quickly. We made our transfer on a Friday and despite the weekend, our amount was recorded on Sunday and our order was approved.

Important: An investment in Juicy Fields is to be regarded as speculation. So you should only invest money that you are willing to lose.

Sell harvest

Once a plant completes its cycle, it moves from the greenhouse to the warehouse.
There the plant is prepared for harvest and then harvested.

The harvesting process takes 18 days. 5 days are spent drying the plant, 10 days hardening the yield and 3 days packing the harvest. You can then sell the harvest of your plants. The selling price depends on the variety of the plant and is displayed accordingly throughout the platform.

Plants in the same cycle (if purchased on the same day) are grouped together.
Harvest volume depends on what the plants actually brought in.

This can vary with each plant. The range in which the harvest will move is already indicated at the time of purchase and in the greenhouse. In the harvest view you then get the exact yield.
After the sale, the amount will be credited directly to your Juicy Fields account.

What is the yield on Juicy Fields?

How high the return on Juicy Fields is depends on which and how many plants you buy, as well as the period over which you remain invested.

With JuicyFlash, the yield is 50% per harvest, i.e. about every three and a half months. The yield over the life of the plant is 275% for the JuicyKush, 425% for the JuicyHaze and 110% for the JuicyMist.

How can I calculate the return on Juicy Fields?

If you want to calculate the yield of the plants at Juicy Fields, use our yield calculator:

JuicyFields Ernte verkaufen
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Payout at Juicy Fields

After each harvest you have the option to reinvest your money or pay it out completely. According to our information, a payout has never failed or not taken place.

After you have selected the payout item via the menu, you decide on a payout method and then enter the desired amount for payout. Juicy Fields offers various withdrawal methods. In addition to a SEPA transfer, the credit can also be paid out in cryptocurrencies.

You can choose from Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether. When the payout has been made, you will receive a confirmation email and a PDF document proving the payout.

juicyfields payout

The Juicy Fields Calendar

Juicy Fields offers a handy calendar that gives a quick overview of available crops, when the crops started their cycle and when the crops are ready to be harvested. You can switch back and forth between the different types of plants.
JuicyFields calendar

Our conclusion

For us, Juicyfields is the best and most lucrative cannabis investment platform, not least because of the return. Of course nobody can say whether all these providers will still exist in 5 years, but in our opinion the chances at Juicyfields are good. Therefore, we are currently privately invested in crowdgrowing with around 5000 euros and will keep you up to date on the development of our investment.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Juicy Fields a scam? How legit is Juicy Fields?

Many wonder if Juicy Fields is serious. Based on our experience and the numerous videos that can be found on YouTube, Juicy Fields is not a scam and can be classified as serious.

We are invested in JuicyFields ourselves and so far we cannot report anything negative about the platform, so far everything has worked as promised.
Below we have listed some videos from different YouTubers in which live payouts are carried out.

Who runs Juicy Fields?

Juicy Fields is a German company based in Berlin, with the address: Potsdamer Straße 147 – 10783 Berlin. Managing Director is Alan Glanse.
Juicy Fields stands by that anyone can log in to the office at the given address to verify the authenticity of the company.

» Research Juicy Fields company announcements and financial metrics

Juicy Fields Büro

Who are Juicy Fields partners?

Juicy Fields works with a number of companies primarily engaged in the cultivation, distribution and sale of medicinal cannabis:
– Kannabyte –
– Cannaealing –
– Cannabis International –
– The Cannabis Expo –
– Dutch Pharmaceutical –
– Terra Cann Colombia –
– Grow –
– Ribera –
– Canna Yeza –
– The green side –
– FCM Global –
– 613 Partners –
– Walker Cultivation –
– Saborespurpura –

» You can find more information about the partners of Juicy Fields here

How much money do I have to deposit at least to be able to participate?

At Juicyfields you can start with as little as 50 euros. You can buy the smallest plant, the Juicy Flash, for this amount and it will give you a profit of between 35% and 65% after just 108 days. This strain requires you to buy a new plant after harvest.

Are there limits at Juicy Fields?

Yes, you can invest a maximum of EUR 50,000 at a time. You can either pay out excess capital or leave it in your account for further use.

Is Juicy Fields legal?

Yes, it’s perfectly legal. The Company’s cultivation and processing partners are fully licensed to cultivate and process medicinal cannabis in their countries. It is important to mention that cultivation does not take place in Germany.

Juicy Fields recently (05/2022) passed a BaFin exam.

Is there a Juicy Fields stock?

No, so far there isn’t a Juicy Fields stock to invest in. We are not aware of any plans at this time.

What are the requirements for registering with Juicy Fields?

To register with Juicy Fields you must be at least 21 years old.

Where are the Juicy Fields plantations located? Where are the plants grown?

Where are the Juicy Fields plantations located? Where are the plants grown?

Can you visit the plantations?

Yes, you can send a request to Juicy Fields has provided us with pictures of a few of the company’s plantations.
juicy fields plantage 1
juicy fields plantage 2
juicy fields plantage 3

Where is the medical cannabis sold?

Every Juicy Fields partner has export licenses. The priority markets are Europe and Canada. Also, high quality THC/CBD vapes are sold worldwide under the global brand JuicyFields.

Is there a community?

Yes, there is a Telegram channel where you can exchange ideas with other users. You can find it under the name „JuicyFields„.

When do I get my first win?

The first profit at Juicy Fields can be made after 3.5 months, depending on the variety of plant you have chosen.

Do I have to buy the plants again after each harvest?

No, it depends on the variety. The smallest plant, the Juicy Flash, has to be bought new after harvest. The other varieties offer recurring returns over several years.

Do I have to pay tax on the winnings?

Yes, of course. As with any other income you generate, you must declare this on your tax return.

Can I lose my invested money?

Yes. This is an investment. As with any investment, there is a risk of total loss, for example if the provider goes bankrupt.
Start with only 50€
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